A fiery nebula and stellar nursery

Somewhere, Somehow, Part 1

Dispatched by StarFleet Command, the 'Tem set course for Pi Sigma V, in the Beta Quadrant. This was to be the first stop of four on the so called "Mission of Discovery" for the Potemkin. Pi Sigma V was a recently established colony using an experimental Neutronic Generator as a power source. The crew of the Potemkin was to take the time to investigate the four-month-old colony and spend some time there on leave, as well as ensure that the generator was working properly.

Shuttlecraft Indefatigable was launched shortly after orbit was obtained, the generator was known to wreak havoc with transporter sensors, so it was decided to use a shuttle. Commander Prax took charge of the Away Team, which also included Lieutenant Commander Arkin, Lieutenant Stone, Lieutenant (J.G.) Miller, and Ensigns Hawk and Mike. Ens. Hawk piloted the Shuttle to the planet's surface, his first attempt at doing so as a comissioned officer, and landed with much success. During the shuttle flight, Cmdr. Prax contacted the colony, they reported power flucuations and minor problems with the generator. The away team geared up before exiting the shuttle, when they did, they were not greeted by the colony's commandant, or any other colonists for that matter. They found a desolute place, looking more like 20 years old than four months.

Scattered around the buildings were bleached rocks, which upon scanning turned out to be human skulls. They were carbon dated and found to be to be -20 years old, obviously a malfunction of the tricorder. Soon after various signs of life were found: a small fence, old toys, a piece of furniture. Cmdr. Prax and Lt.J.G. Miller headed for the command center, where they started to examine the generator. Lt.Cmdr. Arkin, Lt. Stone and the two Ensigns began searching the area for signs of life. As Prax and Miller approached the generator's master control, there was sudden feeling of electric in the air. Naseua overcame the Away Team and they became disoriented. Out of nowhere, people are all around them, carrying brand new euipment and moving shelters around. There was much hustle and bustle all around, the away team had time shifted to the foundation of the colony!

In the chaos that followed, Prax and Miller continued to study the generator, trying to figure out what happened. Arkin began a dialouge with Tabitha Mitchester, one of the colonists and daughter of the Commandant. Tabitha spoke about just being transported from the USS Renown, and said she did not remember the Potemkin being assigned to assist in the Colonization. Arkin covered this up and asked her about strange occurances arond the colony. Meanwhile, Eli tried to no avail to hail the 'Tem, only to discover that the ship was not in orbit. Mike and Hawk began to search for the Indy. Tabitha mentioned that the colony lost two sheep and a cow recently, however that was the exent of oddd happenings. Miller, during this time, was able to understand the operation of the generator. He opened the door to gain access to the nuetron particle chamber, and an organge glow filled the room. However, at this exact moment the Away Team time shifted once more.

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