A fiery nebula and stellar nursery


After the sacrifice of Dr. Arnet to cure the rest of the crew from the virus of Zeta Sigma III, the Potemkin was given time from any major assignment to allow for another cure to be found and to set up Dr. Arnet and Captain Danielle Beorning with any supplies that they would need for their extended stay on the planet. However the time was cut short when an urgent message came in from Admiral Atherton. The Wotal were held responsible for an unthinkable act of terrorism against the Nerians...the implosion of the Nerian star. The Potemkin was to be dispatched immediately to Neria to help the evacuation of the planet. Along with the Starcore and 6 other ships, they had to evacuate the entire population.

The sim opened with the Potemkin hurling towards Neria as fast as possible. The bridge crew remained cautious and nervous about the prospects of their new assignment. In engineering Lieutenant Bom was formally introduced to that brunette a.k.a. Lieutenant Andrea O'Donnell.

Almost immediately the Potemkin began taking on passengers. Every transporter possible was put into active duty. At first the news was encouraging. All transporters were functioning and the refugees were safely being directed by security officers to waiting chambers. However, the problems of too many people and too little ships hung heavy in the air.

Power soon became a major problem. The drain on the ship's resources was enormous. Plus the pads were all too small to allow for any large scale evacuation. The transporters were so rapid and overloaded that simple crowd control had become a major problem. Even worse was the lack of medical staff to help with the medical needs of the Nerians being brought on board. Luckily Lieutenant Cortan recovered sufficiently from the affects of the virus in order to render aid in sickbay.

In this air of crisis, Lieutenant Hawk was sent down in a shuttlecraft to ferry Nerians onto the ship, in order to evacuate more people without taxing the transporters. Lieutenant O'Donnell was reassigned to work on converting the cargo bay transporters into a pad of greater capacity for the transportation of even larger crowds. However, even as these solutions were reached, Commander Arkin's sensors were set ablazing with the bad news: due to the excessive amount of people aboard CO2 levels were on the rise. Oxygen was getting into short supply.

The crew raced frantically for solutions. Hawk was busy ferrying people aboard, Bom was rerouting all the power possible into the transporters, O'Donnell was finishing up on the needed modifications to the cargo bays transporters, and Arkin's displays showed the sun growing more turbulent by the moment.

The atmosphere remained tense as the strain on the ship's power and air filters increased. Captain Mitchell called out for radiation protocol to deal with the sun's apparently random spikes, which had subsided for the moment. The cargo bay transporters had been brought on line and were beaming aboard all that they could. Power fluctuations were still frequent. It looked like a desperate race against time.

With the transporters going non-stop, the engineering crew had to put their talents towards solving the rapidly decreasing oxygen levels, not to mention the rapidly increasing CO2 levels. Finally, Bom came up with the idea to build an old fashion CO2 scrubber that could help relieve the ship's filtering system of the additional burden. Bom and O'Donnell set to work immediatly on the project. Meanwhile on the bridge, Warp and Prax were using all the persuasion they could muster to convince all remaining ships with room to stay in the system to gather up the last refugees.

The two engineers managed to install the CO2 scrubber in time, but there was little cause to celebrate. The sun had begun to collapse, and there was nine minutes before the shock wave would hit. Seventeen million people were still on the surface, waiting to be rescued. It was decided to wait until the last possible second before jumping to warp.

The engines were geared up once more to be able to jump at the right moment. With only 3 minutes left to go, only an additional 3,000 people were brought on board. Slowly the time runs out. The shockwave obliterates the planets of the Nerian system and collides against the Potemkin's nacelles as they are powering up for warp 2. The whole crew is thrown to the floor by the force of the collision.

Then, ACTION> The Potemkin is hit again.......... ACTION> There is the sound of an explosion ACTION> And then... no more.

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