A fiery nebula and stellar nursery

Unto the Breach, Part 6

This week the crew of the Potemkin prepared for the one thing that they have been waiting for: Crossing back over into their universe. They sat at the center of the nebula waiting for the rebel Galaxy-class starship to arrive and help seal the breach in realities after the Potemkin had gone through.

The rebel vessel arrived and found to be the USS Meitner. After communications were established the crew was surprised to find Admiral Christaan Back, head of the rebel forces in this universe, in command of the vessel. After learning of the predicament, he agreed to aid the two Potemkins with their plan. The specifications for the deflector modifications were sent to the Meitner. Admiral Back conferred with the alternate Captain Mitchell to efficiently carry out the operation.

Aboard the Potemkin preparations were in the air as engineering and security forces were distributed through out the ship to make ready for the cross over. Tactical reported that shields and weaponry was online and ready to use. Everything was in order.

Meanwhile the crew became suspicious of Thomas, the alternate reality's version of their former doctor, who made indications that he would not be on the Potemkin in a few hours time. Their suspicions were justified when Lieutenant MacNeil and Lieutenant Commander Nova found a subspace signal stuck in the buffer. It would take a while to decrypt the signal, but there is no need as Thomas suddenly moves center stage and wishes a fond farewell to the crew. Before security to react, Thomas disappeared in the wisp of a transporter beam….

...Only to reappear on the alternate Potemkin! Captain Warp felt deceived until it was revealed that Thomas had an apparent change of heart and decided to join the rebellion against the evil Starfleet. Understanding his reasons, Warp wished him good luck and had the crew make the last preparations for crossover.

The Potemkin began the crossover procedure. The ship began to buck as they phased into their reality and power almost went offline during the attempt. After a few tense minutes on the verge of losing power and being destroyed, the vessel finally arrived back where it belonged. On the other side the alternate Potemkin and Meitner sent out their deflector pulses and began to seal the fissure. The results were evident as the nebula housing the tears flashed a bright blue, blinding those looking at them. After all was settled down the seal had been closed and a message from Starfleet arrived demanding that the Potemkin return to Sector 001 to answer a few questions....

A warm welcome is extended to Ensign Christopher Tudor, our newest crewmen and Ops officer. Welcome aboard!

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