A fiery nebula and stellar nursery

Unto the Breach, Part 5

The Potemkin found itself this week recovering from it's massive battle with the alternate universe's USS Canaday last sim. First Lieutenant Prax informed the whole crew that Upper and Main Engineering was totalled and would required a layover in a Star Base. Repairs teams were scattered through out the entire ship, making as many repairs as possible.

The 'Tem headed back to the nebula where it first crossed over into this dimension, in hopes to cross back and find a way to seal the nebula to stop any further incursions. The alternate Potemkin also set course for the nebula.

Everyone remained on edge, keeping up their guard just in case this dimension's version of Starfleet decided to attack. One Starfleet vessel showed up on sensors, but it soon head out of range. During this time, First Lieutenant Prax worked on engineering tricobalt devices to help seal the nebula, using formulas designed by Lieutenant Commander Arkin and First Lieutenant Kalie.

Two hours later when the Potemkin arrived at the outskirts of the nebula, repair teams were sent into what was left in engineering and started to doing as much as possible. Captain Warp and Prax went into his ready room to discuss the repairs to be made to engineering, leaving Lieutenant Commander Nova in charge of the bridge.

Sensors began to detect another vessel on a intercept course for the Potemkin. Lieutenant MacNeil tried hailing the vessel, despite Thomas's protests over the ship's affiliation. The vessel kept approaching despite all attempts at hails. Arkin and Kalie discussed the very nature of the nebula and ways to close it. As Prax readied the tricobalt devices for launch, it was learned the approaching ship was a Galaxy-class vessel and Thomas revealed that it is a member of the rebel faction, not with Starfleet.

As the Potemkin approached the center of the nebula, Prax revealed that his devices actually housed subspace weapons. The idea was quickly shot down on safety and ethical terms. Kalie reported that the same affect could be made with a modification to the deflector dish. However it would take two ships on this end to seal the breach. So close to home, the Potemkin now has to wait for the Galaxy-class vessel to arrive.....

Congradulations are extended to Eli Stone for his promotion to Lieutenant junior grade!

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