A fiery nebula and stellar nursery

Unto the Breach, Part 1

The Potemkin found itself in several peculiar situations on this Independence Day. As the curtain opened, the crew was investigating the remains of the Borg vessel that had been destroyed in the asteroid field, and further devastated by Arnet's rampage of a week earlier. Moving in closer for inspection, engineering crews beamed up pieces of wreckage as science examined the remains closely.

The investigation was cut short when a transmission was received from an unknown source. It was weak, but after some adjustments, came in clearly enough to permit two-way communications.

Communications were established with the Potemkin... A Potemkin from a mirror universe.

Alternate Captain Mitchell, our Potemkin's captain's counterpart, appeared on the screen. He passed on some coordinates, asked the crew to meet him there, and then disappeared.

Hesitantly, the Potemkin set a course and engaged, and four hours later, after going into a nebula, received another communication. This time, Alt. Captain Mitchell gave detailed instructions on how to create a static warp shell that would permit travel between the two universes.

The crew was uncomfortable at trusting a captain and a ship they hardly knew, even if it was an alternate of their own captain, and even Warp agreed with their skepticism. Erring on the side of trust, the Potemkin engaged the static warp shell, and phased out of existence, appearing alongside another Potemkin in a universe very different from our own...

Thanks very much to the crew that came despite the fact that it was a national holiday! And, a belated Happy Fourth of July to everyone in the SLA. (And a belated Happy Canada Day for all of you Canadians out there!)

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