A fiery nebula and stellar nursery

Unnamed 2002-06-13

As the sim opened, the Potemkin crew anxiously awaited returning to their home. A reception was being held at spacedock, which drew to a close as the crew assembled near a shuttlepod for a traditional voyage to and tour of their ship. This was interrupted by an unexpected event as First Lieutenant Kalie went into labor.

The traditional "Scotty" tour had to be cut short and the shuttlepod voyage expedited after the events that unfolded at the reception. After docking, the crew moved to their posts, with the exception of a few who went to sickbay for the delivery of the baby. The crew that did assume their posts took launch preparations.

Serenely and gracefully, the Potemkin departed from Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards and set a course for Pluto. Sensors and impulse engines were put through their paces on the way, along with diagnostics of the deflector dish. The ship made good time and quickly arrived at Pluto, with another ship alongside...

In the meantime, the baby was delivered easily and without any complications down in Sickbay. With the CMO off at a medical conference, the ACMO took over the role. Things went quite smoothly.

On the bridge, it was noticed when a small freighter, the Montezuma's Revenge, came alongside. The ship quickly opened communications and began to offer a challenge for a race. It was suggested that the Potemkin's warp drive was not up to the task after the events of the past few months. Of course, the offer could not be refused.

In orbit of Charon, both ships prepared to go to warp. On the mark of the freighter captain, the two vessels engaged their warp drives. The Montezuma's Revenge seemed to keep up extremely well, despite sensor readings showing an inferior warp drive. Both ships overtook one another several times, until the Potemkin suddenly surged ahead and won the "race."

Congratulations are in order for Lieutenant Commander Ibrahim "Abe" Shalabi on his promotion to that rank, and many thanks to the crew for another fantastic sim!

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