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Unnamed 2002-06-06

The Potemkin crew continued their fight with a pair of peculiar viruses as the sim opened, along with the added difficulty of dealing with their uninvited guest: Fleet Admiral Alynna Nechayev. After receiving a secret transmission from a counterpart, Captain Warp took the Admiral down to sickbay for an "evaluation" to determine whether she had contracted either of the viruses.

As the Admiral headed to sickbay, the science department noticed unusual sensor readings coming from her. She was apparently "out of sync" with the rest of the crew (perhaps temporally or dimensionally), along with exhibiting an unusual trace of residual neutrinos, similar to objects that had come from an alternate dimension.

Engineering coordinated innoculations of the crew and continued work on technical issues security of the Copernicus as well as other vessels in the area. Numerous preparations were made, as well as attempts to bar the Potemkin from further transporting anyone aboard. Also, the engines were brought online to facilitate leaving orbit in the event it became necessary.

Sickbay was a very active place as Admiral Nechayev came in for her "checkup." Sick crewmembers remained for treatment, along with one who could be credited with immensely helping with the cure of one virus, and another who nearly resigned her commission after Nechayev's appearance. Thankfully, has since she reclaimed possession of her communicator badge.

Nechayev's scans showed that she was a well-disguised fake, not really the Admiral at all. Further indications were that she was from an alternate universe which brushed with the Potemkin some months earlier, and Nechayev was only the latest connection to be identified with that universe. Thanks to some unorthodox medicine, the imposter was rendered unconscious and transported to a more appropriate location: the brig.

A department head meeting was called and the senior staff was briefed on the situation. A number of connections turned up, and several new leads were identified to be pursued. Also brought to the attention of the senior staff was the existance of a set of cures for both viruses plaguing the crew, which would finally allow for a return to the crew's rightful home: the USS Potemkin.

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