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Unnamed 2002-05-30

This week, the crew of the Potemkin found themselves fighting valiantly to save their fellow crewmembers and their temporary ship, the Copernicus, from being overrun by a virus apparently contracted at the planet Arcorus III during a terraforming mission. The virus spread quickly, and easily incapacitated dozens upon dozens of crewmembers, including several members of the senior staff.

The crew fought to clear the ship of this contagion as people continued flooding into an already overwhelmed sickbay complaining of everything from headaches to numbness, all the way to being completely unconscious. This virus also struck the medical staff, further causing problems.

A collaboration between Science and Engineering brought use of the environmental controls systems to filter the shipboard air supply of the airborne virus, and was able to help slow the infection rate. Continuing their work together, both departments developed Borg nanoprobes which could fight the virus, and were preparing to test it.

In another unexpected turn of events, our tactical officer, Lieutenant Commander Nova, set herself up as bait in a trap for the remaining specimens of virus around the ship. Using a special machine, she attempted to attract the virus towards her position. Only time will tell if she was successful, but hopefully the virus itself will not attack her.

As the sim drew to a close, yet another surprise jumped out at the crew, as Admiral Alynna Nechayev unexpectedly brought the Potemkin up to meet the Copernicus, and beamed herself aboard the virus-infected science vessel. Following a few threats on the now-infamous admiral's life, she stated, "we have something to discuss..."

Thanks to everyone who was able to make it this week, and for those who weren't, it was exciting and interesting. Congratulations are in order to one of our absentees, Mr. Arnet, as his missing the sim was due to a momentous occasion: Graduation!

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