A fiery nebula and stellar nursery


The Potemkin departed Starbase 74 for the nearby Starfleet Proving Grounds, ordered to undergo tactical and performance-based simulations under its new captain, James B. "Warp" Mitchell.

After proceeding to the seventh planet in the solar system containing the starbase, the ship detected several satellites in orbit. It was suspected that these satellites were targets for a tactical simulation.

Ion trails were detected moving behind the planet, and upon moving to intercept, the ship found a shuttlecraft-sized vessel creating one of the trails. Communications attempts were ignored, and the vessel opened fire. The Potemkin returned fire, destroying the vessel in a short time while sustaining minimal damage itself.

Immediately thereafter, the orbiting satellites began transmitting an encrypted signal. Communications was able to partly decode it, and the partial message referred to a planetary deflector grid between the satellites.

Two smaller vessels engaged Potemkin a moment later. They damaged her starboard shields, and one proceeded to perform a kamikaze dive into the side of the ship. Thankfully it was stopped by the deflector shields.

The Potemkin made an attack run on the orbiting satellites, destroying ten and terminating their ability to establish a planetary deflector shield. The remaining ships fled towards a nearby moon.

The ship was contacted by Starbase 74, indicating that the simulation had ended. The crew was informed that dead and injured crewmembers were actually holographic representations of real crewmembers who were actually aboard the starbase.

The Potemkin returned to Starbase 74 to pick up those crewmembers who were aboard it.

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