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Recovery, Part 2 (An Interlude)

The Potemkin crew sought refuge after an exciting and exhausting series of missions, and found it in a peaceful part of New Zealand's South Island, thanks to Lieutenants Prax and Kalie.

During the previous mission, it was announced that Prax and Kalie were engaged to be married. The date was set for stardate 10205.02, and the location was later decided to be Sutherland Falls in a scenic area of New Zealand.

The crew assembled and took in the breathtaking view while waiting for the bride to make her appearance. After Kalie had arrived and made her way up to the altar, a traditional Bajoran ceremony was performed, involving both Prax and Kalie drinking from a ceremonial bowl, along with a few prayers. The traditional ceremony was short and to the point, but most interesting.

After the couple was announced to be officially married, the crew migrated to the north to a waiting reception area under a tent, where they shared refreshments and "mingled." One refreshment of note was Romulan Ale, although how it arrived on Earth or who consumed it will remain off the record.

Following the ceremony and before the crew departed, both Prax and Kalie were offered promotions to First Lieutenant, and both accepted, each pinning the awarded pip onto their new spouse's collar.

Also, a warm welcome aboard to Ensign Stirk, the newest addition to our engineering department, and the only Vulcan officer aboard at this time!

In closing, congratulations to Prax and Kalie on their wedding and promotions, and thanks to the entire Potemkin crew for being involved in a most enjoyable wedding.

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