A fiery nebula and stellar nursery

Journey Into The Unknown

In the past few months, Romulan ships have been coming into the Neutral Zone for long periods of time without so much as a warning from StarFleet Command. Then, Captain Mitchell and his crew are asked to participate in a rare phenomena, the death of a Star. Only, the star in question is located in Romulan space and the Tem will be escorted by two Warbirds. Then the truth of the Romulans growing presence in the Neutral Zone is revealed: StarFleet and the Romulan Star Empire are negotiating further peace and possible dissolution of the Neutral zone. This joint scientific venture is to help further that cause. The Tem approached the star and raised metaphasic shields to prepare for the radiation the star would give off. The Romulans made a brief statement to the Captain to be weary of a local asteroid belt near the sun. As the star went nova, radiation was released and a shockwave ensued. The Metaphasic shields were not holding because the radiation was stronger than any expected. The asteroids were flying by. One of the Warbirds suddenly jerked off course and the Tem moved to assist. They tractored it to keep it steady but an asteroid collided with it soon after. In the ensuing explosion, many were injured and some environmental storage tanks were ruptured. Sickbay was being overrun by crewmen with radiation burns and blisters, they also discovered a Romulan in the disguise of Lt. Jefferson. The Bridge crew struggled to get past further asteroids. Then the gas released from Environmental Control mixed with the Engineering coolant system and resulted in a large scale explosion on the Upper Engineering Walkway and Computer Bank. Many crewmen were injured. An overloaded power coupling exploded in one of the consoles in Main Eng. and injured Ens. Hachu. Lt. Bowen arrived to treat the injured and a medical team was to have followed him. Only power surges sealed the Main Doors to M.E. and they were caught there. As Bowen tried to get Hacu to the door, the power coupling next to the door exploded, taking the door and doorway, the Medical Team and Ens. Hachu with it. Bowen received sever burns. Sickbay was receiving more injured and the Bridge was face-to-face with the Romulans......

Engineering was damaged and the crew of the ship were filling up Sickbay from every department. Cracks were forming on the Core casing and gas was still in the air. The Bridge Crew worked hard to try and stave further chaos. They were contacted by the remaining Warbird. The Romulans claimed that the Tem purposely held the destroyed Warbird in place so the asteroid would hit it. They powered disruptors and fired on the Tem, luckily, Capt. Mitchell had called fro Tem to go to warp. The Tem came out of warp, which stressed the superstructure, and fired on the Romulan vessel. The Rommies cloaked themselves and tried to follow but the Tem fired a Tetrion Pulse to reveal the enemy. The Tem then diverted to a nearby Solar system to try and gain some advantage. They find a small planetoid with moons in its gaseous rings and hide behind the third moon. Sickbay sent a team to Eng. to help some of the injured there, meanwhile, tactical officer Nova's Psi abilities were slowly wearing on her as she overexerted herself. The Bridge crew decided to spike the gaseous ring as a defensive strategy. Meanwhile Nova had been injured by the overexertion of her Psi powers. The Romulan ship is destroyed by the explosions caused by the spike. The Tem went to warp and moved into Federation space, a dangerous victory.

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