A fiery nebula and stellar nursery


The Potemkin, having just completed a secretive and mysterious mission to the planet Starion VI, headed out for the Remmler Array under curious orders from Starfleet Command. They were not aware of two vessels that set out to follow them there.

A department head meeting was called to brief the crew on a developing situation. Research had indicated a strange pattern emerging in communications between starships and Starfleet Command, and reports from several starships seemed to indicate more mysterious orders received fleetwide. One of these reports also included mention of two ships heading towards the Potemkin.

As the staff meeting was in progress, apparent sensor echoes appeared at a good distance behind the ship. Strangely, they moved closer and closer, appearing and disappearing, until proximity alarms sounded. Full stop was ordered, and as the command was being executed, an energy beam struck the ship.

The entire crew was incapacitated by the beam, unable to move. Dark figures transported onto the bridge and took control of the ship, locking the crew out and apparently setting the helm to take the Potemkin to the Remmler Array. Suddenly, the crew regained control of their bodies, and as they rushed to take control of the ship, the alien figures disappeared, beamed away.

As efforts were underway to recover access to the computer, the sensor echoes turned into real ships as two Romulan Warbirds decloaked astern of the Potemkin. They moved to each side and backed off to outside of transporter range. Sensors showed the warbirds to have unusual power signatures, not typical of Romulan vessels. It is unknown whether the vessels are, in fact, under Romulan control.

The crew was unable to regain control of the ship, and it accelerated into warp under the computer's guidance. Several malfunctions seem to have been created by the warbirds, including a failure of artificial gravity.

A warm welcome back to First Lieutenant Ibrahim "Abe" Shalabi, and also to Commander Frank Hernandez!

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