A fiery nebula and stellar nursery

Insanity, Part 1

This week, the Potemkin found itself struggling for survival after a routine mission went awry during an encounter with a wrecked Borg vessel. First Lieutenant Thomas Arnet, on the bridge at the time of the encounter, suddenly destabilized emotionally, and one might say he has "gone insane." He seized control of the ship, beaming the bridge crew off to deck 8 and locking out most, if not all computer controls.

Many attempts were made to enter the bridge, all thwarted by his advanced defensive software's use of transporters to beam threats away. Security teams were beamed off of decks one and two several times as they attempted to re-enter the bridge and regain control of the ship. This was difficult and frustrating.

The command crew was relocated to Main Engineering to attempt to regain control of the ship. Repeated attempts failed as security software blocked access to even the most trivial of systems. It has been mostly decided to cooperate at this point, as such cooperation has yielded good results so far.

The warp core developed dangerous problems as an antimatter transfer conduit seal destabilized at high warp speed, creating a potentially disastrous antimatter cascade and threatening to destroy the newly-repaired ship by a warp core breach. This was combatted for some time before it was deemed impossible to repair without computer control. Mr. Arnet unexpectedly shut down the warp drive, temporarily relieving us of the problem.

The ship is currently under the control of Mr. Arnet, and commendations are in order for everyone aboard in trying to regain command. The crew has acted valiantly thus far.

A warm welcome aboard to Ensign Joel Stacs, our new Assistant Chief Tactical Officer. Welcome aboard, and we're very glad to have you, Mr. Stacs!

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