A fiery nebula and stellar nursery

Heading Home, Part 6 (Another, Part 2)

The Potemkin continued its adventures in the Andromeda galaxy, attempting to find a way home. The current point of interest, however, was the Ranaxian vessel floating nearby, unable to move under its own power. This being the first alien species we had encountered in the Andromeda galaxy, we were both excited and skeptical as to the truth of their story and their intentions.

A department head meeting was called to allow our Chief Engineer, Lieutenant Prax, to brief the senior officers about the power source used by the Ranaxians. Their quantum singularity drive was of great interest, as it might present an opportunity to harness the energy and propel ourselves home.

This meeting was interrupted by an explosion as the Ranaxian ship seemed to increase power output to their engines. A short moment before, a strange distortion field had appeared, enveloping the alien ship. Immediately thereafter, an all-too-familiar anomaly appeared on our sensors.

The anomaly nearly perfectly matched readings of the disturbance which had displaced us in this galaxy four weeks prior. It began pulling us in, despite our best efforts, and full reverse engines. It was conjectured that we might get home by flying through it, and seeing as we had no other resort, we headed into the center of the distortion.

After losing sensors and quite a bit of shaking, we emerged from the anomaly back in our own galaxy, a mere three light-years from Starbase 27. Our entire journey had left us only a few billion kilometers from our point of departure. We anxiously set a course for Starbase 27 with plans to reprovision, and to rest.

Belated congratulations to Lieutenant Commander Nova on her promotion to that rank, and to Lieutenant Prax on his promotion to Chief Engineering Officer.

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