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Heading Home, Part 4

As time passed, the Potemkin continued to combat the threat of assimilation in attempt to rescue three of its own from the Tactical office. Things were not going extremely well.

The Engineering crew continued efforts to secure the ship and protect the computer systems. With the Acting Chief Engineer out of commission, they did an excellent job.

As suddenly as it had begun, the crisis in the Tactical office was brought to a quick end. Lieutenant Commander Shea, First Lieutenant Nova, and Lieutenant Prax were discovered laying on the floor of the office, all injured and in varying levels of unconsciousness. They were rushed to the sickbay and are expected to make a full recovery.

Many thanks to the Lionheart's First Lieutenant Morimame for guest simming with us this week, and a warm welcome back to Ensign Sharp, who has rejoined us after time away!

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