A fiery nebula and stellar nursery

Heading Home, Part 3

The Potemkin, recently stranded in the Andromeda galaxy, was moved to a solar system detected on sensors to attempt to locate supplies. While searching a an asteroid belt for desirable materials, the ship was strangely regenerated by a burst of power from First Lieutenant Nova's growing psionic abilities.

This burst of power not only regenerated the ship, but also apparently regenerated Borg hardware inside of Lieutenant Prax Jarvin, our Assistant Chief of Engineering. He immediately began attempting to assimilate the ship. The crew managed to lock him out of the computer and isolate him with a forcefield, but he found his way to First Lieutenant Nova's office.

First Lieutenant Nova used her developing abilities to attempt to communicate with Prax on some sort of Astral Plane, and both she and Prax seem to have been locked into this altered state. The crew has attempted to retrieve them both, but to no avail. Nova's increasing abilities caused the room to deform, finally appearing to be a void to the outside observer.

Lieutenant Commander Shea entered the void containing Lieutenant Prax and First Lieutenant Nova, and was able to communicate to crewmembers near the door about what he was experiencing. We are currently trying to use his presence in the void to help us retrieve our crewmembers.

The ship's medical and science personnel have developed several promising treatments for both Prax's condition and also to help prevent other crewmembers from being assimilated. With one of sickbay's own assimilated by the altered Prax, they have great motivation to succeed.

Congratulations to Lieutenant Prax Jarvin on his promotion to Lieutenant which was not mentioned in the previous sim summary!

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