A fiery nebula and stellar nursery

Heading Home, Part 1

After surviving a battle with the Romulans, escaping the shockwave of a supernova and crossing the Neutral Zone, the Tem was pretty badly beaten. Engineering was wrecked, sickbay had just finished it's long list of casualties and the Bridge crew were getting the Tem to Starbase 74 as fast as possible. Sickbay's staff were hopping to formulate some answers as to how the Romulan Impostor had gotten to Lt. Jefferson and where the real Lt. was now. Engineers had been pulling long hours working on fixing the scars, burns, cracks and all around devastation to the ship left by the Romulan attacks. All of sudden, the Tem detected a strange anomaly about 200,000 kms in front of them. The Potemkin dropped out of warp and began to be slowly pulled into the anomaly. The anomaly began to rapidly expand and the Tem engaged Impulse Engines to avoid it. The anomaly was somehow absorbing space, so the Tem launched a probe to discover what could have caused this. As the anomaly continued to expand, it distorted space in the local area. Meanwhile, in Sickbay, somehow the Romulan Impostor crawled out of sickbay ... only it didn't appear to be in any recognizable Humanoid form. The Bridge crew were trying to conjecture a way to break away from the anomaly when the idea was proposed that they fly directly into it. A mass was at the center of the anomaly was detected and added even more concern. The Tem then charged headfirst, with shields raised and sensors blaring, into the anomaly. The ship, as it was drawn closer, was pushed to what would be the maximum output of Impulse Drive. Power fluctuations randomly occurred throughout the ship and sensors blanked out. As sensors periodically kicked on and off, the crew discovered they were moving at a speed far greater than warp 9. Then, a power failure across the entire ship bathed the crew in darkness. After a few moments, power returned to normal and sensors began to work again. As the Sickbay and Security team tracked down the rolling Romulan, they found out it had regenerative abilities and the ability to change shape. Crewmen from the lower decks began to fill sickbay reporting Nausea and disorientation, however crew from decks above Engineering have not reported any such symptoms. Then, the sensors were able to give a generalized location: The Tem was hundreds of thousands of light years away from their previous location ... in the Andromeda Galaxy......

Addendum: During travel to a nearby star system in the Andromeda Galaxy, Tem crew member Lt. First Class Cassandra Nova's powers Psi abilities evolved to a new level. During her evolution, her Telekinetic abilities extended around the Tem and amazingly restored the non-biological; such as computers, hull plating; to their original spacedock quality. Cracks to the Warp Core, destroyed consoles and the like have all been repaired by her mind. However this doesn't include replicator rations, sickbay materials or other vital biological equipment.

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