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Downfall, Part 2

It has been 9 hours since the message was given that the crew should be off ship within 12 hours. Much of the crew had already departed for Earth Station McKinley or for Earth itself. The remaining crew more or less finishing their packing and made preparations to leave. Admiral Pine, our friendly inquisitor, conducted a lengthy interview with Commander Garrett, currently the acting CO. Meanwhile, crew members met to discuss events and possible outcomes while they moved about the ship and station. Engineers packed the ship, beginning the repairs that would be necessary to bring the Potemkin back to full power. When Pine finished his interview with Garrett, he brought former Fleet Captain Mitchell in to make his final decision. Pine suggested that a court martial was unnecessary but that Mitchell should not go unpunished for his actions, therefore he disparaged him from Fleet Captain to Captain and gave him a demerit on the records. But for how terrible some would fine that news, Captain Mitchell accepted with enthusiasm, for he would have his ship back.

Congratulations to Joel Stacs who was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant, Junior Grade.

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