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Downfall, Part 1

The Potemkin was just beginning to dock at Earth Station McKinley when things took a turn for the worst. Admiral Pine, the appointed inquirer, beamed aboard the ship, to start his investigation of the Potemkin's actions in the Alternate Universe. But the Admiral also came bearing bad news. After the 'Tem had docked, Pine took Captain Mitchell into the Captain's ready room and rather unceremoniously relieved him of command. Pine then began moved to the Briefing Lounge to conduct interviews with various members of the crew. Meanwhile, the Captain announced that he had been relieved to the crew. Emotions stirred and it was quite noticeable among the officers. As repair crews and resupply teams poured into the 'Tem, it was ordered the Potemkin's crew should be off the ship within the next 12 hours. Much of the crew decided to leave earlier, hoping to catch the first shuttle to Earth. Pine conducted his first round of interviews with Lt. James MacNeil, Fst.Lt. Prax Jarvin, Fst.Lt. Kalie Corin and Lt.Cmdr. Cassandra Nova. The subjects ranged from damage incurred to the reasons why they went and, finally, to the Captain's state of mind. Meanwhile, Lt.Cmdr. Arkin was able to develop a way to detect "visitors" from the Alternate Dimension who mad their way into StarFleet. She gave Captain Mitchell a copy of her findings and hid her original. Admiral Pine, upon finishing his interviews for the day, reported to the now former Captain, Mitchell, that he would need another day to interview more people.

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