A fiery nebula and stellar nursery

Do No Harm, Part 1

Three days prior to the mission, a distress call was received from a planet known as Acoria. While not unknown to the Federation, contact with Acoria had been kept to a minimum due to the Prime Directive.

The distress call was vague at best. It mentioned a malady plaguing the planet, killing its people. Starfleet had intended to send a medical ship, but none would be available for two weeks. The Potemkin was sent to begin giving emergency aid until a medical vessel could arrive.

The Potemkin arrived at Acoria and was contacted by Kanton, Acorian Prime Minister. The ship transported down an away team to begin rendering aid. The away team began to investigate for a contagion. No unusual airborne organisms were detected.

A visual distortion was detected near the planet's northern pole. It became larger, and energy fluctuations detected from it steadied. The distortion expanded to cover the entire surface of the planet. As this occurred, Ensign Eilistraee Rein beamed aboard with a soil sample for analysis, but was lost in mid-transport. All contact was lost with the away team.

The away team attempted to contact the Potemkin, but their transmissions were all reflected back. The ship's attempts at communications also failed.

A pair of small vessels emerged from the distortion on an intercept course for the Potemkin. Attempts at communication were ignored, and the small vessels opened fire on the Potemkin without provocation. The shields were quickly weakened by the small vessels' powerful weaponry. Return shots only scored minor damage.

All outgoing transmissions were found to have been jammed.

The away team continued to investigate, cut off from the Potemkin and working alone. They toured the capital city of Acoria, examining those inflicted with the mysterious illness. My sim's end, a reason for the malady had not been not found...

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