A fiery nebula and stellar nursery

There Can Be Only One, Part 4

The Potemkin investigated the disappearance of the Aries, after her commanding officer failed to contact Lieutenant Nova as he had promised. Upon further investigation, it was discovered that the Aries had not kept in contact with Starfleet Command, and had also failed to deliver cargo on-schedule. The remains of Captain Reese, the commanding officer of the Aries, were discovered in Nova's quarters.

The crew began working on any possible method to block the psi waves from Nova's father, in order to prevent him from interfering with the ship, her crew, and most importantly, Lieutenant Nova. The deflector was modified to filter out the psi waves, but the effectiveness could not be guaged, as Nova was unconscious and unable to report whether she was still being influenced by her father.

Meanwhile, a transmission was received from a male individual bearing some resemblance to Lieutenant Nova. A few moments' communication affirmed that the Aries was not under Starfleet control, but was instead being commanded by this man, going by the name of Caldwell. He demanded Lieutenant Nova be handed over to him. After various suggestions were given, a course of action was decided on.

An away team was organized, and the transporter was modified to "piggyback" three extra signals onto Nova's, allowing the team to slip aboard the Aries undetected. The team is preparing to transport aboard.

There are no awards to announce, however Lieutenant Nova deserves recognition for creating the sim plot!

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