A fiery nebula and stellar nursery

There Can Be Only One, Part 3

This sim opened with a discussion of the terrible events of September 11, 2001, two days prior, before the plot began.

The Potemkin's away team successfully transported to the Aries, piggybacking onto Nova's signal. They contemplated a plan of action, and decided to split up. First Lieutenants Shea and Ibrahim targeted the Bridge and Engineering while Commander Brighton and Lieutenant Commander Warp proceeded to the auxiliary control room.

Meanwhile, the Potemkin engaged the Aries. The order was given to target the engines and take out propulsion, but not to destroy the vessel. The Aries was hit, but engines remained online. She used some sort of cloaking device to hide herself, and could not be hit again. The Potemkin was hit by two quantum torpedoes, and shields were compromised on the port bow. She came about into a defensive position.

The Away Team was able to disable the Bridge, using Commander Brighton's security clearance and a borrowed prefix code, and the Aries decloaked. Unfortunately, the Potemkin took a shot, and destabilized the warp core of the smaller vessel.

First Lieutenants Ibrahim and Shea attacked Caldwell, and were driven back by his mental powers. Lieutenant Nova was injured. The Potemkin transported Caldwell and his crew into the brig.

Lieutenant Commander Warp attempted to stabilize the core, but the crew of the Potemkin beamed the away team back before he was able to. Commander Brighton, who had lost his communicator, was not transported away. This was discovered as the Potemkin flew away at Warp 9. Luckily, he was able to stabilize the warp core of the Aries on his own.

There are no awards to report this week, however Lieutenant Nova deserves commendation for the completion of her excellent sim plot!

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