A fiery nebula and stellar nursery

The Search, Part 5

Repairs to the Potemkin following the battle with the Aries were just beginning when Lieutenant Arkin detected a sensor shadow at fairly close range. After reading power emissions from the anomaly, it was assumed to be a cloaked ship. The tractor beam was locked onto it, and the vessel decloaked.

The decloaking vessel was a Klingon Bird of Prey, the HoD. Her commander hailed, upset at being tractored. The beam was released, and simultaneously, three small ships came into sensor range. Their signatures matched those of Maquis Raiders. Another vessel was detected three lightyears beyond them. All incoming vessels were on a precise heading for the Potemkin.

The Maquis vessels broke formation and began assaulting the Potemkin and the HoD, after a brief subspace message about Federation Space and aggression. The forward shields of the Potemkin were heavily damaged within moments of starting the engagement. While being able to inflict significant harm to one of the attacking vessels, the Potemkin's shields fell further.

After a moment, the lead vessel assumed a trajectory putting it on a collision course with the Potemkin. Before it was possible to assume a more defensive position, the lead ship engaged its warp drive and plowed into the Potemkin's forward sheilds at more than 100,000km/sec. They were able to cushion some of the impact, but were breached by the force. The Maquis Raider broke through the shields and hit the main deflector at several hundred meters per second.

Damage was extensive, and massive casualty reports immediately came pouring into the bridge. Tallies eventually counted 122 injured, and 67 dead. EPS conduits and control panels sparked and exploded throughout the ship, with partial power loss to five decks. Eight Forward has been designated as an emergency triage center, and all casualties are being routed there.

There are no awards for this week, but last week's report should have included a commendation to Lieutenant Cassandra D Nova, who received the Medal of Valor for Log Writing. Also, a warm welcome aboard to Ensign Thomas Arnet!

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