A fiery nebula and stellar nursery

The Search, Part 4

The crew of the Potemkin is examining evidence pertaining to possible attempts at destabilizing the Alpha Quadrant. In the midst of this, the ship was hailed by a Romulan Vessel, wishing to rondezvous at a neutral site to discuss the precarious situation. The Captain immediately ordered the ship to proceed towards the designated site at Warp 8.

The Potemkin arrived in orbit of an uninhabited planet inside the Romulan Neutral Zone, to meet a delegation from the Romulan Warbird Jalha. An away team was dispatched to the surface. The Romulan Commander, T'Pel, beamed down with a team of four centurions a few moments later.

Captain Back and Commander T'Pel spoke briefly about the situation, but the discussion was interrupted by a hail from the Potemkin. Apparently, both orbiting vessels were experiencing extensive power drain, from an unknown source. The crew aboard the ship attempted to ascertain the cause of the power loss.

The away team was startled by a phaser beam from a nearby hill. The sniper missed, but his second shot was more accurate, striking a centurion in the chest. Lieutenant Commander Warp and Lieutenant Nova were able to locate the gunman and hit him with their weapons. They are approaching the fallen sniper.

Congratulations to Ensign Kalie on her promotion to Lieutenant Junior Grade, and to Lieutenant Commander Warp on his promotion to Second Officer. Also, welcome aboard Ensign Ann Franklin!

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