A fiery nebula and stellar nursery

God Loves, Man Kills

The Potemkin embarked on a routine science mission, exploring and logging details of System 81235-A-734. Upon encountering a small Class M world, the Potemkin assumed a standard orbit. Preliminary scans detected interference in the atmosphere which would prohibit transporting to and from the surface of the planet.

Scans indicated ancient ruins on the northern continent of the planet's surface, but there was no civilization present to account for them. The computer indicated similarities to Debrune structures, and sensors also detected an unidentifiable substance amongst the ruins.

It was determined that it would be safe to visit the surface as long as the away team was inoculated with a standard booster injection. The CMO performed the inoculations, and the away team departed in a shuttlecraft, bound for the surface. It is currently en route.

As the shuttlecraft left the Potemkin, more ruins were detected on the southern continent of the planet, but no traces of the strange substance were located.

Congratulations to First Lieutenant Nova and Lieutenant Commander Shea on their promotions, as well as to Lieutenant Commander Warp on his appointment as Assistant Chief Engineer. Welcome aboard to Ensign David Penndragon, our new Assistant Security Officer!

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