A fiery nebula and stellar nursery

Changes, Part 2

The Potemkin arrived at Starbase 27, the former Empok Nor, and began offloading supplies and personnel. Repair teams beamed to the new starbase and began working on systems that hadn't been brought up to spec.

The station began to complain within a few minutes of arrival, as the docking clamp holding the Potemkin in place fell apart. The Potemkin broke free, and was quickly whisked into a safe parking orbit nearby. That particular docking port was sealed off to prevent atmospheric leakage.

Not long afterward, environmental alarms sounded on the starbase. Deck 36, Section 51 had developed a hull breach. The section was sealed off and engineering teams were dispatched to repair the breach. It was found to have been caused by an organic compound.

Next up, a brief tetrion surge was picked up on the Potemkin's sensors, heading away from the starbase. This was determined to be a cloaked ship, which jumped to high warp after being isolated by an antineutrino pulse. It disappeared from sensors a short while later.

No awards were given out this week, but several new crewmembers were with us for the sim. A warm Potemkin welcome to Ensign Rein, our new comm officer, and Ensign Sharp, our new assistant engineering officer!

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