A fiery nebula and stellar nursery

Changes, Part 1

This week marked a terribly sad occasion for the crew of the USS Potemkin. It must be said beforehand, however, it is jumping ahead.

The Potemkin was ordered to Starbase 129 to meet with Admiral Nechayev concerning relations between the Federation and the Cardassian Union. Upon arriving, Captain Back and a small party transported to the Starbase.

Captain Back and the away team entered a briefing room where Admiral Nechayev, accompanied by several other admirals, was already seated. The admirals invited the away team to sit, and they did so. A Cardassian officer also came into the room and took a place at the table.

Meanwhile, aboard the Potemkin, a ship was detected approaching the Starbase. Explosive materials were detected on this vessel, and the Potemkin moved to intercept.

Admiral Nechayev briefed Captain Back and his party on the need for fostering better relations with the Cardassians, and providing assistance. The away team became increasingly suspicious, and believed that the Cardassians could not be trusted. The Cardassian officer became increasingly frustrated at this.

The Admiral's briefing included news that four star systems had been ceded to the Federation in exchange for aid. Included in this was the Triva system, the home of the mining station Empok Nor.

The Potemkin encountered the alien vessel as it raised shields and charged weapons. Furthermore, they were approaching a warp core breach, which would be amplified by the explosives onboard. The vessel was taken in tow and the Potemkin attempted to pull it out of the system.

As things appeared to be quite clear to the away team, the Admiral surprised them greatly by issuing an order. Captain Back was to give up command of the Potemkin in two weeks' time, and transfer to Empok Nor, which would now be known as Starbase 27. Commander Warp was to take over command from that point.

The away team was shocked and confused at this turn of events. Several crewmembers expressed discontent or outright anger at the Admiral's order. Several personnel are expected to file for transfers to remain under Captain Back's command. It was made clear that such requests would be denied.

As this was going on, the Potemkin managed to disable the alien vessel and shut down the warp core breach using a stream of verteron particles, but the ship was destroyed mysteriously. A harmless but spectacular explosion and shockwave was visible, even from the Starbase.

The sad occasion is the imminent departure of Captain Back from the Potemkin, after years of service and devotion. He will be sorely missed and remembered fondly.

On a lighter note, there were many promotions this week. Congratulations to First Lieutenant Nova on her promotion to Chief Tactical Officer, and to Lieutenant Franklin on her promotion to Lieutenant and Chief Medical Officer. Congratulations also to Lieutenant Arnet on his promotion from Lieutenant JG, and to Lieutenant Kalie on her promotion to that rank.

In conclusion, we will cherish our last few weeks with Captain Back, and offer congratulations to our many promotees.

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