A fiery nebula and stellar nursery


Animal Species
Non-sentient species encountered by the Potemkin
Viruses, ailments, and conditions encountered by the Potemkin crew in their travels
Starbases, outposts, and other facilities involved in Potemkin adventures.
Unusual nourishments encountered by or served aboard the Potemkin.
Holidays and Special Events
Special days celebrated by the various races.
A list of modern Potemkin missions.
Characters important to the Potemkin and its missions.
Worlds visited or encountered by the Potemkin during its travels.
Ship's Directory
Compartments, corridors, and command facilities aboard the Potemkin.
Vessels involved in Potemkin missions, both friend and foe.
Spacial Anomalies
Space oddities that do not fall under star or planet classifications.
Alien races encountered by the Potemkin or her crew.
Stellar bodies and systems important to Potemkin missions
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